A Week With My Father

Jun 17

HappyFathersDay from RealityShow http://ping.fm/RH7u2 now with Seesmic Ping.fm! Tell Dad we love him!

Jun 08

When is DoingJustFine not enough? Reach for the stars, don’t give up on your dreams (Hi @LexxiSaal!) NeverGiveUp and NoMoreLettingGo!

WhatInspiresMe At great risk of personal embarrassment, I filmed my personal story of Fatherlessness. RealityShow http://ow.ly/bscZK

Jun 07

My father taught me that the only way you can make good at anything is to practice, and then practice some more.
(Pete Rose)

Do you know someone (18 and over) who would like to meet their father on our RealityTV show? Send us a DM! http://ow.ly/5BSno

Happy Birthday to Prince! Keep on climbing your own “Ladder”! Prince The Ladder ONA NPG Music Club: http://ping.fm/Ydggf

OneOfOurFavoriteTweets: If you’re a dad that grew up without a dad, do yourself a favor and check aweekwithmyfather.com/ & follow @AWWMF

In8thGrade I heard you were still around, but I didn’t have any interest in meeting you Dad. Glad I grew up! Forgiveness

ILikeYouBecause You’re my dad. Let’s speed MORE than one week getting to know each other. Its a RealityShow http://ow.ly/br9wv

WhatCollegeHasTaughtMe The motto of Seton Hall Prep/Univ. @SHUAlumni @SHUPirate is “Hazard zet Forward” - At Whatever Risk, Yet Go Forward.